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C2C DB Systems was set up in the year 2008 and is considered to be the first defence start up organization in India providing solutions in Combat Management Systems in India. To start with, it took up retro fitting services for the Indian Navy. In due course of time, the company has expanded its role to become a Technology Solutions Provider for the Defence domain in general and Indian Navy in particular. C2C DB Systems operates in three verticals viz. Software Development, System Design and Obsolescence Management.

As a company that operates in the niche area in the defence domain it is imperative that we are technology leaders in the area of specialization. Our policies, procedures and organizational metrics ensure that we stay on top of technology at all times.

Our area of operations mandates us to provide innovative solutions to customer’s problems, which is our USP. Hence innovating new ways of achieving a task has become the norm for all employees.

Through our systematic and committed workforce, the company was appraised CMMI-Dev v1.3 by the CMMI Institute, a subsidiary of ISACA, based at Pittsburgh, USA. The process group steered the efforts and streamlined the process so as to confirm to all the requirements set by the appraisal organization.
Vision Statement
C2C DB Systems
Emerge as a technology leader in providing innovative solutions to the Defence industry through long term strategic partnerships with customers, enabling their sustenance and smooth technology adoption.


Leadership Team
C2C DB Systems
Cdr K Ramesh (Retd)
President Projects, C2C DB Systems
A graduate in Electrical Engineering, and alumni of the prestigious Naval College of Engineering, Cdr K Ramesh had joined the Indian Navy in 1986. Cdr K Ramesh has served the IN for 25 years and has rich and varied experience, working in Destroyers, Frigates and as Instructor. Cdr K Ramesh also worked with WESEE for 12 years. During this stint at WESEE, Cdr Ramesh was instrumental in formulating the requirements of CMS and developed designs for the indigenous systems.

Cdr K Ramesh was involved in Installation and Trials of the First System of IN till latest Programs of CMS by IN, which include Design and Development of EMCCA, SNF, 17,28, IAC.

There are many accolades to credit the stalwart, who pursued his Masters in Software Engineering. Going forward, Cdr K Ramesh also completed masters degree in management from IIM (Indian Institute of Management), Bangalore.
Cdr LSS Narendra (Retd)
President Projects, C2C DB Systems
Cdr LSS Narendra who serves as the Director Operations at C2C DB Systems is a graduate in Electrical Engineering, and alumni of the prestigious Naval College of Engineering. Cdr LSS Narendra had joined the IN in 1987 and had served on Destroyers, Minesweepers, Tankers, Missile Boats, Naval Dockyard and Training Establishment as Instructor.

Cdr LSS Narendra also worked with WESEE for a period of 3 years. During this tenure, Cdr LSS Narendra worked extensively in the CMS Systems and has profound knowledge about the system.

Cdr LSS Narendra has done masters in Electronics & Telecommunication, Naval Weapons and Defence and Strategic Studies; and was involved in Factory Acceptance Test (FATs), Harbour Acceptance Test (HATs) and Sea Acceptance Test (SATs) of the CMS Systems.
Strategic Partnerships
C2C DB Systems
Our company believes in moving away from a transactional model of business to a relationship based model of business. Hence we shall continuously strive to forge strategic partnerships with other companies operating in this domain. Our policies and procedures shall be aligned to provide value to our customers by providing solutions to them in our niche area of operations.


C2C DB Systems
C2C DB Systems specializes in the area of system solutions for the defence industry by providing world class technological solutions to the defence systems across the globe.

The dedicated team at C2C DB Systems has been successful, not only in providing defence solutions to its domestic clients, but also to the customers worldwide.

At C2C DB Systems, we strive to hand hold our customers through the complete life cycle of the products / systems so as to ensure smooth technology adoption by the end customer. Hence continuous support shall be one of the linchpins of our strategic partnership with our customers. A few of our esteemed customers include:
  • WESEE (Weapons & Electronics Systems Engineering Establishment)
  • BEL
  • L&T
  • Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division (TPSED)
  • Cigniti
  • OSI Maritime Systems
  • Mahindra Defence Naval Systems (MDNS)
  • M/s Marine Crest Technology (Malaysia)
  • Cochin Shipyard Pvt Ltd
  • M/s Elcome Marine Services Pvt Ltd
  • M/s PT LEN Indonesia
Company Processes
C2C DB Systems
One of the biggest assets of an organization is its organizational processes. It is the processes that act as the glue between the other two pillars viz. People and Technology. All processes that are followed in the company are defined and documented in the C2C DB Systems Standing Orders.

The processes essentially constitute a policy, procedure and work instructions. At the highest level of the process architecture is the broad policies set out by the management. These policies are translated into procedures, which address all aspects of the functioning of the organization.
All the processes being followed by the organization is organized under four broad categories viz. Organisation, Project Management, Engineering and Organisational Support.

The policies and procedures enunciated under the Organization category, guide all the other functions and activities being carried out by the organization. Project Management functions are carried out based on broad policies set out in Organization category. The functions that come under the Engineering category are guided by procedures and path set by the Project Management. The functions defined under Organizational Support category supports the performance of activities performed by Project Management and Engineering categories. Organisational Metrics and Quality Assurance functions are used to measure, review and audit the other functional areas. It also refines the top level organizational policies and procedures. A chart depicting the Organizational processes, which illustrates these four categories is shown.
About C2C DB Systems
Innovation at its best
We are pleased to inform you that, your organization has been identified for Design Service Provider for BEL in the technology areas of Chart Underlay.
General Manager,
Technology Planning, BEL
A trusted partner and always willing to help
The team at C2C DB Systems have always been keen and responsive to our needs. They are timely, efficient and use best practices in their development work. To add ice on the cake, they have not one, but two great leaders at the helm. We have been associated with C2C DB Systems for 4 years. They are a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex issues. Thank you so much Team C2C DB Systems!
Company Name
Extremely competent, dedicated, hard-working and professional
Cdr Ramesh and Cdr Narendra has been doing great job for the past several years. They have made their mark in a very niche domain and are up against some stalwarts viz. Tatas, L&T and BEL etc. Let their dedication and hard work take them to greater heights. Wish you all the very best in future endeavours.

I would recommend C2C DB Systems without hesitation. I’ll definitely be contracting with them again for future projects.
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